• Interior, bar area
  • Spicy Margarita and tequila bottle
  • Mule cocktail

Western Saloon

About Porters
Western Saloon

General, the horse, stands tall keeping watch over Porters Western Saloon on Brown Avenue. This stately stud keeps history alive here in Old Town Scottsdale. However, this is not the General’s first rodeo from 1949-2015 he stood watch and welcomed visitors to Porter’s Western Wear once housed in this charming historic space. But way before General’s time, the first Scottsdale U.S. post office was operating in the two-story brick building from 1929-1949.

Family Owned & Operated

Porter's Western Saloon is fun, engaging and welcoming from the moment you enter the cozy space. The cobalt blue flocked walls and crystal chandelier welcome you with a "howdy." The exposed brick walls uncovered during renovations, add to the rustic charm. The bar is a comfortable space to belly-up and chat with fellow patrons and friendly Porters staff.
Speciality drinks like the El Diablo, Sonoran Sunset and the Postmaster all named keeping the west and Porters history in the forefront. Draft beers and a lovely wine selection are also served up at this fine watering hole.
Locals and visitors alike will find Porters a great spot for casual cocktails, happy hours, business meetings, and celebrations of all kinds. Come smile, laugh and enjoy with us because sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name!